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Writing a letter

Customize your letter with the text editor, add a signature and send your letter with or without a return receipt.

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Import a file

Import your file (.pdf or .html format) and send it by simple, followed or registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt.

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Sample letters

Choose a model for your procedure and send your mail by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt.

We accept the following payment methods: debit cards (Carte Bleue, Mastercard, and Visa). Your letters are printed and posted on the same day by our provider. We will inform you when they arrive, and in case of any issues, we will handle the complaints with La Poste. If you validate your letter before 5 pm, we will do our best to print and post it on the same day. Otherwise, it will be printed and posted the next day. Letters validated on the weekend will be posted on Monday. Your mail is then subject to La Postes delivery times. Our letters are printed on 80g paper. The recipient will not receive any advertising from us. They will receive the printed and folded letter in an unbranded envelope. Send your letters by paying a flat rate, available below and calculated based on the number of pages, type of shipment, and destination country. If you have any doubts, contact us at [email protected].

Cost of sending a letter

Type of shipmentWith subscriptionSingle shipment

Normal sending mode

Sending mode without follow-up. It is the same shipment as the green letter.


Tracked shipping method

Sending a tracked mail allows you to have information on the routing of the mail.


Registered with notice of receipt

Service allowing the sender of mail to receive proof of its receipt.

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