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No need to go anywhere, Lettre24.com allows you to send your documents by tracking or with proof of delivery in just a few clicks. Write, import, or choose one of our templates and customize all your letters. Our subscription offer allows you to benefit from discounted mailings as well as many other features!

SUBJECT: Cancellation of insurance with notice of receipt Dear Sir or Madam, I currently have an insurance contract with your establishment with the following references XXXXXX, I would like to cancel it...
Happy Birthday Grandma! |
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Want to please your loved ones or simply give them news? Create, add and personalize your postcards in less than two minutes! Our cards are printed on high quality paper and sent the same day.

Our monthly subscription offer

Particulier translates to private individual in English.

39.00€TTC is an acronym for Toronto Transit Commission.Per month

48-hour trial* starting from 0.9€ for regular mail, 1.30€ for tracked mail, and 1.90€ for registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt (prices including VAT)

Printed and mailed letters
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At the end of the 48-hour period and without cancellation, the offer will be automatically renewed as a subscription without commitment.

discount-50% on all your next sendings
Simple letters, with proof of delivery or registered
History and tracking of shipments
Justifications and scanned registered letters
Library of Letters
Document models
Management of signatures
Digital safe
Reduced price mail
Management of buffers
Dedicated client support.
Adding users
AI Writing Assistant
Parcel tracking
Public Mailing Function

Sole proprietor

49,00€ translates to 49.00€ in English.TTC is an English acronym for Toronto Transit Commission.Par mois translates to per month in English.

48-hour trial* starting from €0.9 for regular mail, €1.30 for tracked mail, and €1.90 for registered mail (prices include taxes).

Printed and posted letters
Create your postcards.

At the end of the 48-hour period, and without cancellation, the offer will be automatically renewed as a non-binding subscription.

discount-50% on all your next sendings
Simple, registered, or certified letters
History and tracking of shipments
Justified and digitized supporting documents and proof of delivery
Library of letters
Document templates
Signature management
Digital safe
Discounted mail
Management of stamps
Dedicated customer support
Adding users
AI Writing Assistant
Parcel tracking
Public mailing function

Entreprise translates to Enterprise in English.

69.00€The translation of HT in English is high tech.Per month

48-hour trial* starting from 0.9€ for regular mail, 1.30€ for tracked mail, and 1.90€ for registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt (prices excluding tax).

Printed and posted letters
Create your postcards.

At the end of the 48 hours and without cancellation, the offer will be automatically renewed as a non-binding subscription.

discount-50% on all your next sendings
Simple letters, registered or with proof of delivery
History and tracking of shipments
Justifications and scanned AR (Acknowledgement of Receipt)
Library of letters
Document templates
Signature management
Digital Safe
Reduced price mailings
Buffer management
Dedicated client support
Adding users
AI Writing Assistant
Parcel tracking
Publication function

Cost of sending a letter

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Sending mode without follow-up. It is the same shipment as the green letter.


Tracked shipping method

Sending a tracked mail allows you to have information on the routing of the mail.


Registered with notice of receipt

Service allowing the sender of mail to receive proof of its receipt.

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What types of letters can I choose?

Lettre24 aims to help people by making their daily tasks easier, specifically by saving them valuable time when it comes to writing, printing, and mailing letters. Whether its sending a nice postcard to grandparents or having a letter delivered with a return receipt for legislative purposes, Lettre24 has a solution that suits you. Choose between single shipments or subscribe to premium in order to benefit from additional features.

Select regular shipping

The regular sending of letters involves drafting the letter, placing it in an envelope, affixing postage stamps to the envelope, and mailing the envelope in a mailbox or post office for delivery to the recipient. It is a traditional and tangible method of written communication. To make the senders life easier, there are several online services that offer to print and affix postage to letters on your behalf. We invite you to click on the link here to see how to do it with Lettre24.com.

Choosing to send registered letters online

The registered mail option is generally chosen by the sender, that is, the person who sends the letter or package. It is used in various cases where proof of delivery and increased traceability are needed, and it also provides a certain peace of mind to the sender.

Who chooses registered mail? What are the use cases?

By opting for registered mail, the sender can benefit from proof of delivery thanks to the recipients signature, a tracking number to track the shipment, and insurance coverage in case of loss or damage. This provides additional security and peace of mind in situations where precise documentation is essential. Here are some use cases for registered mail:

  • Public administration: In some cases, public administrations may require sending by registered mail for official requests, tax declarations, social benefit claims, or any other correspondence requiring proof of submission and receipt.
  • Important documents: When sending sensitive documents such as contracts, legal agreements, notarized deeds, financial documents, or identification papers, sending them by registered mail provides proof that the document has been sent and received by the recipient.
  • Professional correspondence: Companies often use registered mailing for important communications with their clients, business partners, or official institutions. This may include termination letters, legal notifications, confidential financial reports, etc.
  • Legal disputes: In the context of legal disputes or proceedings, sending by registered mail can be used for notifications, summonses, demands, or important legal documents in order to establish a legal proof of sending and receiving.

Registered letters with acknowledgment of receipt have significant legal value. When you send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, it means that the recipient must sign an acknowledgment of receipt to confirm that they have indeed received the letter. This proof of receipt is often used to establish legal evidence of the sending and receipt of the mail, in case of disputes or subsequent litigation.

Send personalized postcards online.

Sending postcards online refers to the practice of sending physical postcards from an online platform. Instead of buying a postcard, writing on it, stamping it, and manually sending it, you can use online services that allow you to customize and send postcards directly from your computer or mobile device. Try this feature here.

How does sending postcards online work?

The process of sending postcards online is generally straightforward and intuitive. Here are the typical steps:

  • Card selection: Choose a card from the available templates or upload your own image.
  • Personalization: Add your own message, modify the layout, choose the font and adjust the colors according to your preferences.
  • Adding recipients address: Enter the complete postal address of the recipient.
  • Overview: Visualize the final appearance of the postcard before moving on to the next step.
  • Payment: Pay for the printing and shipping fees of the postcard online.
  • Translation: Delivery: Once the payment is made, the postcard will be printed and sent to the recipient at the indicated address.

What are the advantages of sending postcards online?

Sending postcards online has several advantages:

  • Time savings: You can customize and send postcards in just a few minutes, without having to go to a postcard store or wait in line at the post office.
  • Convenience: You can send postcards from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.
  • Personalized postcard: Letter24 offers a wide range of customization options, allowing you to add photos, personalized messages, and choose from different designs.
  • Tracking: Some services, including Lettre24, allow you to track the delivery status of the postcard, giving you visibility on its journey until it reaches the recipient.
  • Conservation: Postcards sent online can be digitally or physically preserved by the recipient, providing a permanent record of shared memories.

Writing handwritten letters, what should we pay attention to?

What are the elements of a handwritten letter?

  • Senders information: Include your name, your address, your phone number, and your email address at the top of the letter.
  • Translation: Date: Add the date on which the letter is drafted or sent.
  • Recipients coordinates: Include the recipients name, professional title, company name, address, and any other relevant identifiers.
  • Salutation: Begin the letter with a formal greeting, such as Dear Sir / Madam.
  • Introduction or first paragraph: Introduce yourself and briefly state the objective of the letter.
  • Body paragraphs of the letter: Expand on the main message or subject of the letter using clear and organized paragraphs. Provide relevant details, supporting information, and examples if necessary.
  • Last paragraph: Summarize the key points, propose necessary actions, or express your gratitude if appropriate.
  • Politeness formula: End the letter with a professional politeness formula, such as Sincerely, Kind regards, or Yours faithfully, followed by a comma.
  • Signature: Leave space for your signature (handwritten or digital). Type your name below the signature, acc.
  • Attachments: If you include additional documents, mention them below your typed name (for example, Attachment: Proposal).
  • Postscript (optional): If you have any additional information or a brief note to add, you can include it after your typed name or signature.

How long does it take to receive a registered letter?

The delivery time for letters depends on several factors, however, there are certain deadlines given by the national services on which you can rely. Depending on the type of letter chosen, registered letters are delivered within a period of 3 working days. The same deadline applies to green letters, however, senders will not be provided with a receipt and therefore do not benefit from any legal protection when the letter contains important documents. In case of an extremely urgent delivery time, it is advisable to send letters through electronic red mail, which is a completely electronic solution.

Who has the right to sign a receipt confirmation?

As a general rule, the recipient must be present when the postman passes by to receive the registered letter. They must also sign it as proof of receipt, and this proof will be sent back to the sender. If the recipient is not present, the postman can either come back later for a second attempt or leave a notice in the mailbox to inform them of the receipt of their letter. In this case, the letter will arrive at the nearest post office where it can be collected. Alternatively, the recipient can authorize a third person to collect the letter on their behalf.

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