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We confirm the continuity of Lettre24 service during the COVID-19 epidemic.
You can continue to send your mail without leaving your home thanks toLetter24 subscription .

Lettre24 is a private, independent commercial site with optional monthly subscription offer, with no commitment and cancellable at any time here. You can also send your mail without taking out a subscription by selecting our one-time payment offer.

Lettre24 is in no way affiliated with the services of La Poste and cannot be held responsible for any delay in the delivery of mail. Address formats: in order to guarantee the proper routing of your mail, it is strongly recommended to use only the Latin alphabet on our site. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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Writing a letter

Customize your letter with the text editor, add a signature and send your letter with or without a return receipt.

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Sample letters

Choose a model for your procedure and send your mail by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt.

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Import a file

Import your file (.pdf or .html format) and send it by simple, followed or registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt.

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Our monthly subscription offer

Try our discounted offer!


1 €

for a simple sending, 1,90€ followed and 5,90€ in recommended with notice of reception

48 Hours

No extra charge

29,80 €

/Month with no commitment for unlimited access

Pay only once for your first shipment to access the 48-hour unlimited service. At the end of the 48 hours and without cancellation on your part, the offer will be automatically renewed as a subscription with no time commitment at the rate of €29.80 per month including tax.

Sample letters

Access our library of sample letters for all your daily needs.

Image library

Take advantage of our image library for your personalized postcards.

Don't go anywhere!

Send all your mail from home in just a few clicks, without having to go anywhere or wait in line.

Follow the routing

With the option "followed" or "registered with acknowledgement of receipt", follow the routing of your mail.

Mail mailed the same day!

All your mail requests validated before 5pm are sent the same day.

Discounted mailings

For only 29,80€ per month, send the equivalent of : 5 registered letters with AR, or 16 tracked letters or 21 simple letters (value for 1 page in normal sending to France).

Contact directory

Create your online directory, access your contacts at any time for quick delivery.

Storage space

Your 100% secure cloud to store and access your documents anywhere in the world.

Priority shipments

Your print and mail priority with the monthly subscription.

Promotion 1st shipment

Benefit from a 60% to 85% discount on your first letter or postcard.

Attractive prices

Save money on your monthly bulk mailings of letters and postcards.

Privileged assistance

Dedicated chat, email and phone support to assist you with your shipments.

Cancellation at any time without justification

No minimum duration commitment

Advisors available 6/7 days

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