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We confirm the continuity of Lettre24 service during the COVID-19 epidemic.
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Lettre24 is a private, independent commercial site with optional monthly subscription offer, with no commitment and cancellable at any time here. You can also send your mail without taking out a subscription by selecting our one-time payment offer.

Lettre24 is in no way affiliated with the services of La Poste and cannot be held responsible for any delay in the delivery of mail. Address formats: in order to guarantee the proper routing of your mail, it is strongly recommended to use only the Latin alphabet on our site. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Frequently asked questions

1How long does it take to send a letter?
We use the services of La Poste and the delivery of a standard mail varies between one to three days maximum for metropolitan France.
The letters are mailed directly to a sorting center of La Poste in order to save time during the sending.
The letters are printed on 80 grams quality paper. Greeting cards are printed on 220 gram quality card stock.
Normal shipment (green letter): Only for shipments to metropolitan France (including Corsica). With this mode of sending your mail does not imprint the plane (except to go to Corsica). It is therefore a more ecological method of sending. Tracked letter: Thanks to this method of sending, you will be able to know the exact date of reception or the reason in case of non-delivery. The tracked letter is to be used when you want to send an important mail without the need of a legal proof. Registered with notice of receipt: The registered letter is a service that allows the sender of a mail to receive proof of its proper receipt, signed by the recipient.
Accepted formats for letters are .pdf or .html.
Yes, it is possible to send mail abroad.
The Lettre24 subscription includes unlimited access to letter templates and postcard templates, fast and low-cost sending of all your mail, a 100% secure cloud to store all your documents and mail, as well as access to your pyd*Lettre24.com account so you can track the progress of your mail, the history of your mailings and your saved contact book
Lettre24 offers you a welcome package which allows you to have unlimited access to our platform for a period of 48 hours for only 1€ (green letter), 1,90€ (tracked mail) and 5,90€ (registered mail). If you don't cancel before the end of the trial period, the subscription will be automatically renewed without any time commitment at the rate of 29,80€ per month. There is no minimum term commitment. You can subscribe and unsubscribe from our service whenever you want and without asking for any justification. Find the details of the offer by clicking here.
You can cancel your pyd*lettre24.com subscription yourself by going to the Cancel page and entering the email address you used when you signed up. If you are unable to locate your email address, you can also ask one of our advisors in the chat, by phone or by email at [email protected] to handle your termination.
You received your login and password by email when you created your account. If you can no longer find your password, please go to the Forgotten Password page. If you cannot find this information, please contact one of our advisors on chat, by phone or by email at [email protected].
No, the recipient will not receive any advertising and will not know that the mail was sent via the Lettre24 platform.
Only the small postcard contains the recipient's address and the stamp next to your message like a card you buy in a tobacco shop. This card is sent without an envelope. All other cards, namely "Classic Card", "Classic Folded Card" and "Large Postcard" are put in an envelope. The addresses and stamp will be printed on the envelope itself.
You cannot upload an image larger than 4MB. If your image is too heavy, use an online image compressor. You should find websites that allow you to compress the image up to 80% without losing too much quality.
No, our high quality printer is very accurate and does not give itself any margins. There will be no white border on the ends of the image.
The image will be printed on the side N°1. The text will be printed on side N°3.
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