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Notice on Lettre24

Check out the reviews from Pyd*Lettre24.com users.
On 30/06
This concept of sending mail online is really convenient. It's fast and I can track it online to make sure it gets to its destination.
Notice given by Justin Leon
No need to go to the post office, just access the platform and follow the different steps to send letters or postcards. The presence of ready-to-use features makes it easy to use.
Notice given by Julie Milet
On 20/06
Good site. To be recommended. I just advise you to read the rules before subscribing. Otherwise it was clear to me.
Opinion given by Amandine Ruys
For fast AR mailings, I recommend this site, I have used it several times without any problem encountered. On the contrary, I was well accompanied by their team. I have nothing to report. It is important to read the instructions carefully.
Notice given by Michel L
Frankly, it is great. Thank you to the whole team that accompanied me. The rates are within reach. I recommend without hesitation.
Notice given by Bernard Jezequel
May 28
While searching online for sites to send mail online. I found this site to be very useful. I did not expect this efficiency and speed in sending.
Advice given by Audrey Cif.
Fast access to the site, clear information and well organized site, timely delivery so nothing to report at this stage.
Notice given by Mireille Tognon
I recommend this site to stop wasting time sending registered mail.
Review given by Cassandra F.
On 09/05
For my first shipment, I am delighted.
Notice given by Sylvie Leroy
The 04/05
I started to send my first letters which arrived quickly and on time, I was really happy because finally I can use these services to save time.
Notice given by Charlotte Dubois
The 28/04
Great service and fast delivery. Nothing to complain about.
Review by Philippe R
The 28/04
My comments are retained and appreciated by the support! Their support team is always present and responsive. It is a good site on all levels that I recommend without hesitation.
Notice given by Claire Vial
Flexible and service-oriented company! Fast and efficient platform. I can't complain about anything. Many thanks.
Notice given by Michael Hiers
The 23/04
This allows me to save time to do other things. A great concept that I highly recommend, you won't be disappointed as I am.
Notice given by Eloise Ivan
On 20/04
Satisfied with letter24.com as a whole so far. Their price is competitive with other sites and their support is good.
Advice given by Daniela Val.
On 16/04
Finally I found this site, it is efficient. My mail arrived at the addressee's address on the scheduled date without delay. You just have to be careful and read the conditions in order to choose the right payment to make: monthly subscription or single payment...etc. But otherwise everything is clear. Thank you
Opinion given by Matthieu Leroy
The 15/04
Personally I was lucky to come across this site, it saved my life by sending an urgent letter to my employer with a return receipt. The follow-up was perfect. Thank you and good continuation.
Notice given by Nicolle Lat.
On 14/04
Given the nature of my work, I chose to subscribe to this site, which is free of obligation and with the possibility of unsubscribing at any time. From my own experience, this provider is flexible and above all responsive. I recommend it to all those who send mail every day. It is a good deal.
Notice given by Abraham Perrin
The 13/04
Practical and original models. Good services in general.
Notice given by Payen Binet
On 11/04
The price of this site is reasonable with all the advantages it offers: unlimited shipping...etc. I recommend without hesitation.
Notice given by Diana Gonz.
On 11/04
I opted for a subscription and I am satisfied. I have tested several services of this type but I find Letter24 to be the most complete and efficient.
Notice given by Mila Marteens
On 08/04
We are very happy with the services of Lettre24.com.
Notice given by Girard Jack
On 08/04
It's easy to use with several ready-to-use features to make sending our letters easier. Personally, the site suits me and it is only a first experience.....
Notice given by Maxime
On 07/04
This is a good site. Really it is efficient and secure, the services are complete for sending letters or postcards. I think the interface is well designed. I will definitely use it again.
Notice given by Hugo Gabin
On 06/04
Reasonable rate, quality offers and services. No problems encountered.
Notice given by Noemie Alexandre
On 05/04
The prices are really reasonable. I can only recommend this site for its multiple advantages and I thank the nice team that I had to contact and recontact, the staff was there, always ready to assist me.
Notice given by Hina Akemi
On 04/04
Indeed, I confirm, the site is intuitive, efficient... Contactable customer service.
Notice given by Jade Lemoine
On 02/04
The site is simple and easy to use.
Notice given by Claudia Nashan
I use this site regularly and have never had any problems. Its remote printing system makes life easier.
Notice given by Céline Mila
I often use Lettre24 for my professional and personal letters. No bugs. It is good.
Notice given by Stephane Fleury
This site is very useful in my current professional activity.
Notice given by Julie Janssens
March 29
I have entrusted the sending of all my letters to this site. So far I am satisfied. Nothing to say.
Notice given by Olivia
March 25
Quality platform with significant time savings It offers solutions for sending letters and mails ultra convenient. Speed, efficiency and simplicity are the key words. Thank you
Notice given by Kameko Isas
On 20/03
What I like most is the way customer service handled my request. Courteous and responsive staff. That's hard to find anywhere else.
Notice given by Samuel Liban
On 14/03
When I subscribed to this site that I discovered by chance, I found that there is a library of letter templates as well as card templates that are practical and original.
Notice given by Patricia Ricci
The customer service is both courteous, attentive and responsive. I had a problem with my subscription and it was quickly resolved the same day and from my first contact. At the beginning I admit that I had doubts but fortunately everything went smoothly. Thank you very much.
Notice given by Nathalie
The site is reliable, secure. The customer service is reactive. We were satisfied with these services, it was well done. Many thanks!
Notice given by Raphael Leroy
I contacted the customer service department, which is both courteous, attentive and responsive. My problem was resolved on the first contact only.
Notice given by Antoine Zio
On 02/03
It is possible to opt for this service for all regular mailings. This saves me a lot of time.
Notice given by Thomas Faure
On 01/03
Positive experience, efficient site, nothing to say.
Notice given by Pierre Nicolas
On 01/03
The site is comprehensive and easy to use. Even a digital novice can send a letter without any problem.
Review given by Nelly M
On 28/02
The price is reasonable especially considering the advantages (unlimited shipping, etc.) that the platform offers.
Notice given by Héloïse
On 28/02
This site is really practical, operational and efficient, I recommend it.
Opinion given by Elodie S.
On 24/02
Sending, confirmation and reception are fast. The service is very responsive and efficient.
Advice given by Elena Carlos
On 18/02
The system is ingenious, especially in this period. One avoids the exchanges since one passes by the net directly.
Review given by Layal F.
On 17/02
It is a convenient service for sending letters or cards. No need to go to the post office.
Notice given by Manon
On 14/02
Convenient and professional service. I use this site regularly. It saves me the effort of going out and buying envelopes and stamps.
Notice given by Sarah Nick
On 11/02
I have received the confirmation letter of sending my letter as well as the one of the reception. For the moment, I am satisfied with these services. I wish you all the best.
Notice given by Cécile
On 11/02
The website is easy to use. I find it simple, clear and explanatory. This was not my first experience with it and it won't be my last.
Notice given by Paul CL.
On 09/02
The site is well built and very secure. When my letter was sent, I received a confirmation mail that it was sent. There is tracking and explanations everywhere on how to use the service.
Notice given by Emma Anderson
On 05/02
Mail taken care of quickly and mailed the same day. Also, easy to fill out the form. Will try again in the next few days.
Review given by Severine Estelle
I recommended this website to my disabled aunt so she could send a letter to her friends. She has already thanked me a thousand times for letting her know about such a service :)
Notice given by Chloé Ouvrard
On 01/02
This is the first time I have sent a registered letter online following a recommendation from a colleague at work and I have no concerns about sending it.
Review given by Valerie N.
On 03/01
For my next online shipments I will remember to use your platform which is much easier to access than Laposte.net
Notice given by Bruno
On 28/01
Very professional and convenient service. I don't need to go to the post office to send my letter. Everything is done online and quickly.
Notice given by Delphine Franklin
On 27/01
Reliable and cost effective, I have been using their service for a year and it is still reliable and cost effective.
Notice given by Stéphane La.
On 26/01
Good site, mail received quickly. Thank you.
Notice given by Julien Leroy
The 22/01
Very good solution to send a letter especially during this period. I recommend it without hesitation.
Notice given by Michel Kal
On 21/01
I received the confirmation of shipment and the notice of receipt. Thank you for the efficiency and speed of your service.
Notice given by Bruno
The 19/01
I would recommend this company to anyone. I have used it 3 times in the last 2 months, no problems encountered.
Notice given by Nicolas Berger
On 17/01
Easy to use. Simply fill in the recipient's and sender's information before sending the letter.
Notice given by Martin Gabriel
On 15/01
No problems encountered: my mail was done quickly. I decided to subscribe to enjoy unlimited shipping at a rate I find fair.
Notice given by Indila Nilson
On 13/01
Very convenient and no travel service for those who plan to send a registered letter. Serious service and affordable price.
Notice given by Lucie
On 06/01
I don't need to waste time travelling anymore. At first I was skeptical, but my colleagues at work use it often, so I can recommend it without any problem.
Notice given by Arthur Normand
On 05/01
Qualified services to successfully send my postcards with a cheap rate. I have been a subscriber for more than 4 months and everything is going well so far.
Notice given by Leo Lauren
On 04/01
Good service. Good alternative to the post office which has been defective in my area for 2 years Those who complain don't know how to read cdv's and don't open their bill. The subscription is indicated immediately on the invoice Without paying attention I clicked on subscription instead of a single shipment at the time of validating my order and a simple call without any waiting with a consultant and things are arranged. If I had more needs of this type I would have subscribed to this service myself
Notice given by Lilly
On 04/01
I sent a letter that needed a response and received the response within a week, so the service seems to be working well. I am satisfied and will opt for a monthly or annual subscription.
Notice given by Maria Fraysse
On 03/01
Time saving, reassurance and ease of sending letters online and printing customizable cards. Highly recommend.
Opinion given by Aurélie Fan
On 02/01
I need to send some mailings and I chose to work with Lettre24.
Notice given by Servania Lechoux
The 29/12
I discovered your service through a recommendation from my friend. Professional agency that allows me to send my letters and postcards by internet.
Advice given by Agnes Mac
On 28/12
Great deals on the online creation of my cards as well as its fast printing.
Notice given by Anne Le
On 24/12
I give top marks to the Lettre 24.com team. They were able to create and personalize my photos in just a few minutes. From a distance, I was able to distribute my mailings everywhere with the help of this site. Really at this time of year it's perfect.
Notice given by Guillaume Lebrun
The 23/12
I took a subscription, I have no problems on the creation and delivery. The advisers of this site took care of everything. Thank you.
Notice given by Sylvia Armand
On 21/12
The Lettre24 website allows me to send my customizable cards remotely. They were all received very quickly. Thank you very much.
Opinion given by Adrien Mec
On 18/12
Good value for money, I was able to send my postcards immediately through this site. Overall, you have good services.
Notice given by Arnaud Deluc
The 16/12
I was able to send several letters from home. Very practical I recommend.
Opinion given by Melanie Thevenin
On 15/12
I need to send my business documents quickly but I don't have time to travel. That's why I used the online services of Lettre 24.com. I am very satisfied.
Notice given by Catherine N
On 14/12
A good service. I have been using letter24 for a few months now. Almost all our regular mail is sent via this site, it's a good service to save time.
Notice given by Tardieu Jules
On 08/12
I just started using the service of letter24.com. I made a monthly subscription and my transaction went well. Already sent two letters today. Easy to use interface and works well. Overall, good website.
Notice given by Huard Gérard
On 03/12
Positive reaction from the service department of letter24
Notice given by JF De Faust
Good service provided... convenient. Great customer service.
Notice given by François Print
It is really a great service. Easy to use, good price, fast service.
Notice given by Celestine
The 20/11
Letter received in three days. I can't wait for them to open their postcard service!
Opinion given by Marine Miset
Quality services and polite and responsive staff, personally, I am satisfied with my subscription.
Notice given by Nicolas Berger
On 17/11
Very good site. I paid 6.90 € for a simple shipment, no extra charge, a good site to recommend.
Notice given by Lina Patin
On 17/11
Good service. I appreciate the library of letter templates, there is a lot of choice and it saves time. I definitely recommend it.
Notice given by Ines Douay
I confirm that my registered mail arrived on time and I received the acknowledgement of receipt as agreed. Thank you
Notice given by V.Didierjean
I sent my documents with ease. Thank you
Notice given by José
It's perfect In addition to the reduced price of mailing, all my mailing requests validated before 5pm are sent the same day and it's really great.
Notice given by Sara Bismuth
As a professional, I often have mail to send, so I opted for a monthly subscription on the site letter24.com, I pay 29.80 € / month without commitment for unlimited access, I find it is a good offer and I am satisfied.
Opinion given by O neill tess
On 08/11
Quick reception. I sent my mail via letter24.com on October 12, it was received on October 15.
Notice given by Marion C.
Honestly, no worries on my side, I paid for 3 pages by registered mail, the registered mail arrived safely, I received my acknowledgement of receipt and I didn't even have to go anywhere. The price remains correct, invoice obtained directly on my account too. cdt
Notice given by Carlos Clot
Great service in times of containment! Thank you
Notice given by Marie
The customer service is also quite responsive because honestly I found that the offer is not super clear, at least if you go quickly on the site. But the adviser (friendly and educational) was able to guide me to choose the offer without commitment which in my case is more interesting for a single shipment of mail internationally. I also received the follow-up of my letter on my account.
Notice given by Alex
Registered mail sent from this site, the letter was received on time and confirmed by e-mail so everything is ok.
Notice given by Etienne Choncho
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